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A Few Tips To Keep In Mind When Healing From Gum Grafting Surgery

Gum grafting surgery involves getting inner tissues in your mouth removed so they can cover your gums that have for quite some time been exposed. When left open, these gums may end up leaving open the roots of your teeth. As time goes by, you may face the imminent threat of tooth decay simply because your gums are exposed and they have. As a result, left the roots of your teeth exposed. Therefore, as soon as you have already made up your mind and gone through the surgery, the activities that will follow as you heal with be very important. So, what are these activities that you must observe in your healing process?

The first aspect to be careful about is medication. Any time you have gone through surgery; you must be keen with the elements of medicine that the doctor prescribes for you. Gum grafting surgery usually has your doctor prescribe antibiotics for you afterwards. Therefore, ensure you take the tablets as prescribed by the doctor. Be sure to identify the dosage prescriptions and if you are not sure about them, confirm with your doctor and allow him to explain to you. One needs to be very careful when identifying dosage.

The next tip to know is that you must avoid hot and cold foods. The mouth is essentially very sensitive and it grows even more once you have been through surgery. Therefore, ensure that you avoid such foods. Additionally, these hot and cold foods may tend to cause swellings within the mouth. Hence, you may be advised to subscribe to foods with more of a neutral nature when it comes to temperatures so that you may avoid discomforts. By doing this, you will be able to fully heal without any agonizing issues.

Another factor you must be looking to observe is the aspect of going on a liquid diet after which you can then ease your way into soft solid foods. This is because you don’t want scratchy foots going about their processes near your healing gums. You may end up having trouble when eating. It is advised that you take to a less stressful diet such as soups and stews. As soon as you feel some progress, you can then choose to take foods that are softer and more solid such as potatoes, avocadoes and even eggs. Also, ensure that you keep off from spicy foods to avoid any possible irritation of the healing areas. You might have to follow this process for about a week in order to fully heal.

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